Etiquette for Holy Mass

·      Please dress appropriately (please see the Dress Code below)

·      Please arrive to Mass punctually

·      Please turn off your cell phone, gently lift up or pull down the kneelers  

·      Please do not bring any food, drink, or gum into the church

·      Please keep quiet, do not talk loudly

·      Please stay until the end of Mass

·      Please exit the church reverently and respectfully

Dress Code for Holy Mass

Women should avoid:

·      Any shirt or dress that is too low cut in the front or back

·      Any dress or skirt that does not completely cover the knee when sitting or standing

·      Shorts, Skimpy shorts

·      Tank tops, Spaghetti-strap tops

·      Beach wear

·      Sleeveless, tight or low-cut clothing or dresses with long cuts or slits

·      Any and all see-through clothing.

Men should avoid:

·      Short pants, Jogging pants

·      Sports jerseys

·      Beach wear

·      Working outfits, Tight clothing  

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